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In a market where the globalization of stone products is more evident, expert technical guidance becomes an increasingly important service that specialized companies offer those clients who choose to employ marble, stone or granite. Now it’s possible to choose material from anywhere on the planet, however not always what might meet our aesthetic needs also proves to be technically appropriate for the chosen amployment. Specialized companies must inform the client on the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen material. Rigo Marmi’s goal is not a simple business transaction, it’s making sure that the material chosen by the client is the outcome of due consideration. Thus it isfundamental to keep in mind that all marbles, stones, granites and onyx have peculiar characteristics and reactions to processing, polishing, adhesive and mortar.


The planning phase is fundamental in the production of quality manufactured articles especially in case of pigeonhole processing. Like a rough diamond, without careful study, due consideration and expert processing, most of the quarry stone, does not reveal it’s intrinsic qualities. Basically, all the material that nature gives us is stunning, so processing it correctly is fundamental; this can only be done after a careful, in advance, study of the best composition of both the slabs and of the environments that will host them. Rigo Marmi’s qualified pool of architects, using the latest technologies and planning techniques (scanning of the material, the realization of rendering and processing of blueprints in auto cad), realizes executive shoopdrawings.


Rigo Marmi employs the most modern stone processing techniques like numerical control stone cutting machinery and robots. However, no matter how many innovative technologies can be introduced, the marble industry will never become totally automatized, the caftsmanship and skill of the marble artisans will always make the difference between a marble company and the other.


For Rigo Marmi this is the most important and delicate phase of processing. Traveling worldwide to install our products means we put great competence, skill and accuracy in the pre-assemblage phase as well. For the installation phase we employ our workers (specialized marble layers) in order to insure our clients a top quality environment designed to last. Lastly, the legal and fisical aspects should not be underestimated. Rigo Marmi strictly respects rules and regulations regarding worker’s and job site safety, quality and employee certification and national insurance.


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